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How will the new super laws impact you?

We kick off our first newsletter for the year with the changes to super that will be taking effect from July this year. Please contact us on (07) 3841 1200 if you are affected by any of the changes or if you have any questions.

We also look at the pros and cons of consolidating debt and look at the impact divorce has on finances. And, we have included some tips on how to negotiate for that perfect property at an affordable price.

Our final article provides some books to consider adding to your 2017 reading list. 

If you would like more information on any of the articles below, please contact this office on (07) 3841 1200 or


Designed Wealth

Changes to super are coming into effect from July

See what you should be aware of and what the new laws could mean for your future goals.

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Should I roll my debts into one?

You might pay less in fees and interest charges if you consolidate your debts, but there'll still be things to look out for.

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Divorcees suffer five-year financial hit

Divorce threatens the ability of many people to get back into home ownership and accumulate a decent pool of super.

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The perfect property at an affordable price - it’s not a myth

So you’ve found your dream home, but it’s in need of a little TLC. While others may see this as a deterrent, this is actually a great opportunity to nab the house of your dreams at a price tag that’s within your means. Here’s how to tactfully negotiate the price without ruining your chances of securing the property.

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Your New Year reading: beyond John Grisham

A new year provides, of course, a prompt to read and think about how to improve our personal finances including our investment portfolios.

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