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It's time to be festive!

This is our our final newsletter for 2016 and we want to help you enjoy the festive season and kick off 2017 in the right direction.

Are you prepared for the changes to the Age Pension assets test that are right around the corner? Our first article provides a summary of the changes including the thresholds.

Our top festive tips will help take the stress out of the lead up to christmas. And, our article on the Bank of Mum and Dad includes some interesting insights into home ownership and retirement.

Our article in dollar cost averaging highlights to benefits of this investing strategy. If you haven't got a Will or you haven't updated yours in a while then our guest author has some serious words to say to you in her article.

And what better way to end our newsletter than with a fresh and healthy prawn recipe to enjoy this summer.

If you would like more information on any of the articles below, please contact this office on (07) 3841 1200 or


Designed Wealth

Are you prepared for changes to the Age Pension assets test?

How the assets test will work in 2017 could increase your Age Pension entitlements, or take some or all of them away.

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Get ready for christmas with our top festive tips

Christmas is a joyous time but the lead-up to the festive season can be stressful and can really stretch your finances. Here are some easy ways to spread Christmas cheer without blowing your budget. 

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Grey debt and the 'bank of mum and dad'

You may be in the enviable position of one day entering retirement with your mortgage paid off, adequate superannuation savings and no debts left to pay off. However, the combination of high house prices, low interest rates and low inflation are making it more challenging to retire debt free with none or little of your super savings earmarked to pay anything apart from a retirement income.

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A certain strategy for an uncertain market

One way that numerous investors avoid falling into the market-timing trap is to keep on making new investments throughout changing market conditions. This is the straightforward practice of dollar-cost averaging.

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What is your excuse for not having a will?

Life is unpredictable, and unfortunately, accidents happen. The kindest thing you can do for your loved ones is be prepared. However, there are a number of reasons why estate planning is not considered sooner.

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BBQ prawn skewers with corn salsa

This is the perfect quick meal for a hot, summer day. In less than 10 minutes you can have this healthy meal on the table for your family.

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